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Forever Pak

Pricing Options:

Retail Customer:  $219.00

*Preferred Customer:   $163.00


Add two (2) more canisters of shake to replace two meals a day thereby flooding the body with high vibration, dense nutrition, which then supports the body in faster progress towards body composition (fat loss and lean muscle gain) and wellness goals.

Pricing Options:
Retail Customer:  $331.00
Preferred Customer:  $248.00

Everyday Shake Pak

Option: Everyday Shake Pak

Purchase 4 canisters of shake.  This would provide a shake a day for two people or, two shakes a day for one person.

Pricing Options:
Retail Customer:  $224.00
Preferred Customer:  $168.00

As this daily amount includes the cost of meals, most people will actually realize a savings in their budget!

Isagenix Member Discount Types

Open your Preferred Customer Account for $39.00 or, $29.00 with auto-ship (best pricing option).

Note: There is no risk if you select the auto-ship option (for deepest discounts) as you have complete control over it and can cancel it at any time without penalty. Your card is not charged until the order ships.

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